Supported Global Tibia Bots by MvScripts


StarBot is a fairly new and powerful Tibia Bot. The software does run on your PC and requires Windows 7 as operating system to properly work.

Licenses are charged per days and requires your PC to run. It uses your keyboard and mouse to control over Tibia client.



CloudBot is a modern type of Tibia bot that runs on virtual machines. The software does not run on your PC and it is controlled remotely via VNC Client.

Licenses are charged per hours, depending on the amount of assigned machines. It allows to run multiple sessions as once.


MvScripts is official reseller of CloudBot and StarBot. These bots can be only run on official Global Tibia servers. They are 100% AFK and offers all functionality such as cavebot, targeting, healing, looting and so on. Keep in mind that botting is not allowed in-game. CipSoft might take actions against accounts that use third party software to automate gameplay.